Thursday, 26 July 2012

imPress Press on manicure - Estatic cling

Hey Blogletts,
These have been all the craze at the moment and to be honest I did  not belieeve the hype. A set of press on nails, like you have when you're a kid, that lasts a week without coming off, really?
Well I am here to tell you that it is all true!

In the pack you get 24 nails of all different sizes so that you can choose the size to fit your nail, large or small, plus if one falls off then you can replace it easily.

I probably should have taken a picture of them before I put them on and when they were on but I wasn't that smart so here is what is left.

It comes in this cute little nail varnish bottle which you twist the cap and then open the bottle.

I got the shade estatic cling which is a super neon colour. So bright that taking a photo was tricky as it kept giving a pinkness around it.

They did last about a week, the first one came off after about 5 days and they started to chip a little then so I did take them off however if you don't tend to do much then I reckon they would have lasted around 8 days.

Overall I am very 'impressed' with these, but of humour for you there, and I will definately be getting some more!

Bye for now xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

One big mistake - Haul

Hey Blogletts,
So today I went shopping with my friends and spent way tooo muchh moneyy. However I came out with some pretty good bargains so maybe the mistake is justifyable in Holly world.

First of all we went to H&M (our favourite shop) -
I picked up this silver band necklace which I have wanted for ages so happy that I found it £3.45

And also these blue shorts, which I thought could be dressed up or casual, multipurpose = bargain.£10

Next we went into primark, which I usually am not fond of but I needed some trousers as I hate them so have very few.
I got this beige skinny pair as I loved the look of chinos but not the fit. £11

And these high waisted jeans which I have wanted for a while. £13
Then we went into Miss Selfridge and there was a jewellry sale soooooo of course I had to get some ...
These rings -

Earings -

Bracelets -

Next up Boots.
I joined the bandwagon with the much raved about Revlon stain balm.£5.99

And also got Essie Buy Me A Cameo. £7.99

Now for Debenhams, I got this necklace as again it was on sale and I have eyed up a similar one for a while now sooo snapped this one up.£3.50

Is there anything you have your eye on recently?

Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Blog! OOTD

Double Denim -
Hey Blogletts,
So if you are from my old blog 'hello' and if you are new well welcome. I blog about beauty and fashion and I hope you will like it.

So when you are little, you are told to 'not mix and match patterns' 'don't wear double denim'. Well I am breaking one of these rules and I mixed the denim.

(Top Forever 21, Shorts Primark)

I was on holiday recently, so it was hot and I was trying to wear all of my clothes so that it wasn't a waste taking them. I paired this acid wash crop top with denim shorts and I feel that having my stomach breaking up the denim makes the double denim work.

What fashion rules do you like to break?
Bye for now xx