Thursday, 29 August 2013

Concealer Corner

Hey Blogletts,
So I try a lot of concealers in hope of finding that perfect one!
Lately I have been using a combination of two concealers to combat those damn under eye circles. Now I'm lucky and don't suffer with bags and my circles vary depending on how ill/stressed/tired I am. I also don't cover up any spots with concealer as I don't want to make them worse, I'd rather let them sit it out, so under eye is the only area I really use concealer nowadays.

At the moment I have been using the Garnier BB eye roll on combined with the Collection Illuminating touch.

First of all when I tried the BB eye roll on I was like OMG ORANGE! This stuff is dark and I am usually quite pale (thanks to this incredible summer my skin has naturally tanned even using factor 50 STAY SAFE PEOPLE and topped up by a moisturiser with self tan in) and when I swatched it after buying it I was like hell no. So I put it away for a few weeks thinking I'm never going to use this. But for some mental reason I used it one day and thank god I did.
Yes it goes on orangey, but for a good reason. The peachy tones seemed to cancel out the darkness of the circles and the colour pretty much blended in with my skin colour. AMAZING.
Also the texture of this is my kind of concealer texture. It is so thin and watery, making it perfectly blendable, no one wants a thick, sticky concealer under their eyes (paranoid about wrinkles)!

Then if I feel it hasn't blended as well as I had hoped or I still want a bit of pepping up, time for the Illuminating touch. This is quite a light concealer which just adds a touch of brightness with quite good coverage!

So those are the concealers I have been using lately.
What have you been using, any suggestions?
Bye for now xx

Friday, 16 August 2013


Hey Blogletts,
So I took a trip up to the Stratford Westfield with my best chum and although was quite restrained I feel, I still had a few sneaky purchases.

First of all Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. There was a massive storm over this product a good few years ago and not leaving near a John Lewis meant I didn't really bother trying it. However my cleanser ran out yesterday so I took full advantage of seeing what the hype was all about.

Next up MAC. I picked up two eye shadows, one in Quarry and the other Blackberry (one I had never heard about before).

Hydryluron, the infamous Caroline Hirons beloved product and so I obviously had to cave into the sale price in boots ... nearly half the price!

Finally on leaving Westfield another sales person grabbed us and was babbling on and testing products on my arm, which in all fairness looked pretty amazing, however we were stuck there for about 15 minutes of insulting us on our skin! But the product did look pretty cool but it was £60! After much haggling aka us trying to get away, he lowered the price to £30 by using his staff discount so I couldn't say no! It is the ONSEN daily choice peel which is a once a week treatment which removes dead skin.

So that's what I've picked up lately, if you want a full review or swatches of anything let me know in the comments and I will make that happen for you!
What have you picked up lately?
Bye for now xx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A little explanation

Hey Blogletts,
 I feel as if I do these posts far too much of where I have been and why I haven't blogged and the truth is I just haven't had the time.
This is my last summer holiday before starting university (hopefully) and so I have been spending a lot of time with my family who live in Honk Kong who I only get to see in the summer and with friends who I will be leaving in September.
Simply I am trying to make the most of my last summer of freedom before my adult life and a new chapter of my life.
I hope you guys don't mind too much that my posts are far and sparse at the moment but that's just how it has been and will probably continue to go for a few weeks or months but I promise once this crazy period (in time) passes constant blogging with a schedule will begin.
Thank you for sticking with me and I love you all.

In other news next week is my birthday and I am super excited as I will be officially and adult (18)!
A little uninspiration has hit so if there are any posts you would like to see let me know in the comments and I will try to step up to the plate.
Also still considering the youtube channel so that you can see my beautiful face (sarcasm)!

If you would like to see more of me (big headed slightly there Holly) I have a new vlog channel called 'Icaughtaholly' so pleasey check it out it would mean a lot to me!

Again thank you all Blogletts!
Bye for now xx