Monday, 29 April 2013

GIY (glam it yourself) Oatmeal and honey face wash/mask

Hey Blogletts,
So my skin has been FREAKING out lately so I have been researching some natural products which may try to help. Now these ingredients can be found in your kitchen and they are oatmeal and honey.
Benefits of oatmeal:
  • it has aniflammatory properties. This means it can relieve redness, dryness and irritations and also soothes itchy skin
  • it absorbs and removes dirt and impurities
  • it provides exfoliation to help keep skin looking brighter
  • it is high in anitoxidants to help protect from free radicals
Benefits of honey:
  • anitmicrobial - so good for breakouts
  • helps to moisturise and soften the skin
So first of all I cleanse my skin with my normal cleanser to ensure makeup and dirt from the day is removed.

Next I rinse a handful of oats with warm water. I do this by holding them in a clenched fist and allow the water to run over it and saturate the oats.

Then I add a spoonful of honey *just as spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down* and mix it together ... you may need to get messy and mix it with your hands.

Now I dampen my face with warm water and start rubbing the mixture on my face ... WARNING this gets very messy.

Now if you want to just use it as a wash, just rinse with warm water and then wipe over with cold.
However I like to leave it on as a mask for about 10-15 mins and then rinse off.

After this my skin feels super soft and nourished and I continue with my evening skincare routine *if you would like a post on this let me know*

So I hope this works for you and let me know if you have any homemade masks!
Bye for now xx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Drugstore newbies

Hey Blogletts,
So whilst shopping, I felt the need to feed my makeup addiction by purchasing some newer items from the drugstore/highstreet.

First of all I picked up the Scandaleyes waterproof kajal liner in 001 black. I am excited to try this as it has a lot of good reviews and I need a good liner. Liners tend to run and smudge everywhere on me so I have high hopes that this will stay put on my tight line ... fingers crossed. It is also super soft and pigmented making me even more excited to use it.

I also got the Apocalips in Big Bang, which is a bright red. Again this has great reviews and I am a big red lip fan so this appeals to me. From swatching it has good staying power (after being scrubbed off in the shower vigorously) and smells lovely like the Kate Moss Matte lipsticks.

Next up a Sleek Blush in Lifes a peach . This just seems like a lovely peachy colour for spring and summer as pinks tend to make me look embarrased.

Then we all have heard the hype about micellular waters however bioderma is quite tricky to get hold of so I thought I would pick one up from Loreal.

Finally a bog standard lip balm with spf in. My lips are super dry and the lip balm being like this means I don't have to dip my finger into a pot which is super yukky.

Overall although there are only a few bits, I am excited to try them out and will keep you updated on how I get on with them.
What are your favourite drugstore newbies?
Bye for now xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Super Saver Sunday #3

Hey Blogletts,
So I like to save the pennys and I want to help you guys aswell, so here is this weeks super saver product ... pigments. Now although we all love a good MAC product now and then, they are super pricey and here are some alternative pigments to save you some money.

Barry M does great pigments in a whole range of colours. Not only is there fine pigments but there is also chunky(er) glitter too. I find these to be of really good quality and come in a range of colours.
These beauties will help you to save money for other things e.g. bills or fun days out.

For an even cheaper alternative, beauty UK. These however are a little sheer but if you're looking for a wash of shimmer, these can do the job.

Do you have any cheap pigments?
Bye for now xx

Monday, 15 April 2013

A week in my wardrobe #2

Hey Blogletts,
So I have taken to posting my outfits on Instagram most days and so I thought I would share with you what I have been wearing.
Top & Skirt - H&M

Jumper - Newlook Jeans - H&M Shoes - Keds

Top - Newlook Skirt- H&M Converse

Top & Cardigan & Jeans - H&M Boots - George

Jacket - Forever 21 Top & Jeans - H&M Boots - George

Top & Cardigan - Primark Skirt - H&M

Top - Newlook Jeans - Primark Converse

 So I hope you enjoyed, which is your favourite?
Bye for now xx

Shopping My Stash

Hey Blogletts,
So lately I have been in a rut with the same products day in day out so I thought lets change things up a bit and shop my stash.
First of all, for the eyes we have Maybellines eyestudio quad in 22 Bronze Drama, which as you can see I have previously loved due to hitting pan on two of the colours, so lets try and bring this back a bit.
Another eyeshadow item it the Accessorize Baked Trio in 5 Astonishment and I have hardly used this. I have brown eyes so I would love to be able to use these to bring out my eyes however I've been a bit scared but now lets grab our flippers as I'm diving in.
Next up it's time for cheeks and the product that I have stashed in the MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose*I think ,it has rubbed off *. This blush gives subtle colour with a good ol' bit of sheen and is perfect for spring.
Carrying on with the face theme, foundations. First we have the AVON ideal flawless cream to powder foundation in Ivory. I like to use this to cover blemishes and redness on days I want a lighter coverage foundation.
Then I want to rekindle my love affair with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51. I used to love this but just got a bit bored so now it's back baby.
*Oo a tad bright*

Next up Revlons Just Bitten Kissable Lipstain in 010 Darling. I just fancied wearing this colour again so 'bobs you uncle' it's back.
Then there is another MUA product ... a lipstick in shade 7. This is just a nice peachy pink and again perfect for spring.

 And finally two lip liners by Maybelline in Sweet Pink and Hollywood Red. I am super lazy and lipliners just take time, however am going to make the effort.
So here is what I will be using in the next few weeks, why don't you try shopping your stash and let me know the products down below.
Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Loreal Caresse - YSL Glossy Stain Dupes

Hey Blogletts,
So these are all the hype at the moment, and I have no clue what they are called. These Caresse *things* are dupes for the YSL glossy stains as apparently they are the same company or something like that. These have had a lot of hype at the moment however I am not that impressed.

Good things
They are rather pigmented after 2 coats
Last for a very long time
They smell amazing ... however it's a love it or hate it smell

Bad things
They become sticky and gloopy once they have been on a while so you have to take it off and then re-apply rather than just reapply
They come in a very odd colour range

Overall these are okay, however if you're not desperate to try these I wouldn't bother.
Sorry to do a bit of a gloomy review however I don't want you to buy something you might regret.