Monday, 29 April 2013

GIY (glam it yourself) Oatmeal and honey face wash/mask

Hey Blogletts,
So my skin has been FREAKING out lately so I have been researching some natural products which may try to help. Now these ingredients can be found in your kitchen and they are oatmeal and honey.
Benefits of oatmeal:
  • it has aniflammatory properties. This means it can relieve redness, dryness and irritations and also soothes itchy skin
  • it absorbs and removes dirt and impurities
  • it provides exfoliation to help keep skin looking brighter
  • it is high in anitoxidants to help protect from free radicals
Benefits of honey:
  • anitmicrobial - so good for breakouts
  • helps to moisturise and soften the skin
So first of all I cleanse my skin with my normal cleanser to ensure makeup and dirt from the day is removed.

Next I rinse a handful of oats with warm water. I do this by holding them in a clenched fist and allow the water to run over it and saturate the oats.

Then I add a spoonful of honey *just as spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down* and mix it together ... you may need to get messy and mix it with your hands.

Now I dampen my face with warm water and start rubbing the mixture on my face ... WARNING this gets very messy.

Now if you want to just use it as a wash, just rinse with warm water and then wipe over with cold.
However I like to leave it on as a mask for about 10-15 mins and then rinse off.

After this my skin feels super soft and nourished and I continue with my evening skincare routine *if you would like a post on this let me know*

So I hope this works for you and let me know if you have any homemade masks!
Bye for now xx


  1. great tips

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  2. This sounds lovely I will have to try it! cute blog you have here lovely! :)

    B xx

    1. It feels lovely on your skin haha thank you so much xx