Sunday, 2 June 2013

Technology sucks

Hey Blogletts,
So there have been no posts lately due to my stupid laptop charger melting and thus preventing my laptop from turning on. This means all of the lovely pics for posts and content for them are hidden away and I can't use the damn thing to write any new posts ... as this is being done on a lovely friends computer.
The only upside to this is that it has come at a wonderful time as I currently have my A levels so fitting in blogging within revision just isn't a priority right now.
However once said laptop is fixed and exams are over, blogging will be seriously picking up, a schedule is being made and post ideas are being frantically jotted down, so hopefully the family of this blog can continue to grow.

I hope you understand and thanks for being patient!
What have you lovely bunch been up to?
Bye for now xx

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