Friday, 22 February 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Hey Blogletts,
Well I think I am one step closer to finding the perfect foundation *gasp*. Along with every other girl on the planet, I am on the everlasting hunt to find the foundation of the gods and with this I have come pretty close.

Nearly Naked foundation is a new release by Revlon, and is a good un' at that. This foundation is very liquidy and light, however once put on the skin it covers blemishes and pigmentation with a medium coverage. The colour range is not the best as the colours tend to pull a little yellow, so if you have a very pinky tone this probably isn't for you.
However another bonus is lasting power. Now even on my oily skin, this lasted well for a good few hours, even controlling shine. This is a really great foundation and I really reccomend to anyone. I will be continuing to use it and update you every now and then.
P.S. In superdrug there is an introductory offer so go go go !

What's your favourite foundation?
Bye for now

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nivea Lip Butters - Raspberry Rose

Hey Blogletts,
Now it's not everyday in which I'm impressed with a lip balm, however this is a very special occasion. I had very dry lips they other day and picked up this, not expecting much but boy was I mistaken.

This has a creamy, thick texture which when applied turns into a 'buttery' texture that just slides across the lips. It's not greasy, unlike vaseline, and lasts quite a while. Also a little bonus, it tates amazingggg (like raspberry yoghurt).
This product just smooths out any lumps and bumps, it's the perfect remedy for those cracked winter lips.

I would really reccomend this to everyone before I go out and buy every single one!
What's your favourite lip balm.
Bye for now xx

Monday, 18 February 2013

Rimmel London BB Cream 9 in 1

Hey Blogletts,
It seems as if I have gone on a little bit of a Rimmel spree lately after Wake me up foundation and Kate Moss Lipsticks (I've cleverly linked the posts in the words ...... technical whiz am I) and now I decided to pop along and get the BB Cream. This product claims to do a lot so lets see if it lives up to its hype.

If you don't know then BB creams are an asian concept of a one colour, covering balm which now the rest of the world have gone bonkers for. Many companies have released one recently and Rimmel being one of them. Now Rimmel has a few (9) claims which for a drustore product is pretty unachievable however lets see how it lives up to them:
Primes: Well I tend to use a primer anyway so even if it did have any priming effect, I probably wouldn't notice. Also this doesn't last all day, therefore I feel as if the priming effects are more in the smoothing rather than lasting power.
Moisturises: Now as I bang on about all the time, I have oily skin so this concept scared me a little, however as of late I am coming to terms with the fact that I do need to moisturise to keep healthy skin and I would say that this does have those qualities.

Minimised Pores: Although it will do nothing for your pores when you remove the product, it does minimise the appearance of pores pretty well, and doesn't sit in any pores or fine lines.
Conceals and Covers: I have put these two together as this is quite a thick BB cream and will give light to medium coverage, however concealer is needed aswell to achieve a flawless look.
Smooths: As I mentioned earlier, this comes into the priming effect and this product does smooth the skin pretty evenly.
Mattifies: Again oily skin blah blah blah, but this does also give a matte texture once set.
Brightens: Although it mattifies, it has a luminous glow to it
Protects: This product has spf 25 in, and we all know how important spf is, and for a drugstore product 25 is pretty good.

Overall I feel as if this is a worthwhile purchase for all skin types, ages and personalities.
What's your favourite BB cream?
Bye for now xx

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Rimmel London Kate Moss Reds

Hey Blogletts,
As of late I have been a little more adventerous with my lipstick so have been wearing rather bright colours. This includes the three of the reds from the Kate Moss range for Rimmel. I own one from the regular line 01 and two from the matte range 107 &110 .
There is a lot of things to say about these bad boys such as having incredible pigment and lasting power. These last for hours, however I like to top up every two hours as I like the colour to be strong and I eat and drink a lot throughout the day.
The only negative thing I have about these lipsticks is they are rather drying, however with a lipgloss or balm it solves that issue. This is probably because I am not a massive fan of mattes however if you are then you will love these.

01- A glossy, true red

107- A matte dark vampy red
110- A matte light pinky red
(left to right) 01 ... 107 ...  110

So I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.
What are your favourite reds or rimmel products?