Friday, 7 June 2013

Weight Issues?

Hey Blogletts,
Todays post is a little bit of a copout as it was on my old blog ... however I think it is more than relevant to pop on here so I hope this helps!

This is a bit of a different post in that it may seem a bit gloomy and doomy, I have had a bad day.
To cheer myself up I bought chocolate (and sweets). In buying this I got snooty looks from people.
I know I am not the slimmist and am unfit but why does that give others the right to judge.
I eat relatively healthy and if I want to eat why can't I, who descides what I can or can't eat ME yeah me not snooty people. I wanted to do this post to encourage every single person to be confident in their body. Everyone has those days when they think, oh I must go on a diet, but why should they. Everyone is beautiful no matter what size and should not compare themselves to anyone else, you are unique. I am past caring what others think and am pretty confident in myself, although when it comes to public speaking  I am bit brain dead and go 'uuuhhhhh'. To prove this I am going to insert some pictures that some people may look at and go how dumb, how ugly, why would you do that but I just say life is too short, live it!

Me being some woodland creature, I don't normally look like this is was a bit of a sneaky photo

Me with chopsticks, I couldn't use them so alternaitve use it is

Me in a hat trying to get up out of a broken chair with no hands.

I know these photos have nothing to do with weight, but they get the point across to be confident in you're body, it is YOURS and no one elses love it!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Bye for now xx

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