Tuesday, 20 November 2012

5 A/W Beauty essentials

Hey Blogletts,
So its A/W now and although you can still wear the bright summer makeup, here are a few tips on how to transfer your beauty products from season to season.
First of all, I think we have all felt the nip in the air in the UK, and this can tend to dry out your skin. So I reccomend using a little richer moisturiser. Now if you have oily skin, this can be tricky however I have found a good one. Olay ...
Now this season can also tend to make your skin a little dull, however this moisturiser helps to illuminate the skin slightly.

To also enhance this, I feel that Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is also a great product. This is a primer which brightens and tightens the face ...

The final brightening product is benefit Sunbeam. This is a great goldy, shimmery hilighter which is just the perfect hilighter for these upcoming seasons.

For the eyes, as much as I hate to take away the bright shimmery colours, its time to darken down to fit right into this season. One product which is perferct for this is Maybelline's colour tattoo in 'On and On Bronze'. This is great for swiping a sheer layer for a day to day look, or add more product for a more intense night look.

Finally, switch up the black eyeliner for a khaki colour, again matching this seasons trends. This one is from Rimmel and is in 'Jungle Green'.

What are your beauty essentials for the colder months?
Bye for now xx


  1. thanks for the recommendations! need to sort myself out with some highlighter x

  2. Great post! Love Clarins Beauty balm - what a savour! xx