Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Brow tastic

Hey Blogletts,
I haven't been into brows for long, however I have got into a routine which fits me rather well.
A little history on my brows, I used to have them waxed however I now just pluck. They are not quite the shape or fullness I want them to be, however I am working on it.

So to fill in my brows I use 2 powders. First of all on a day to day basis I use an MUA shadow in ..... This is just a natural colour to give some definition, also great for those with lighter brows.
The second colour is a dark, matte brown colour in the Sleek Storm pallet. I use this for more of a dramatic brow look and if the rest of my makeup is plain.

I have rather unrully brows and if I dont set them, they stick up and down and move it all around (mumbo no 5 quote there). So to set my brows I run the MUA clear mascara through them which is cheap, cheerful and works a treat!
Although I am happy with this and it works for me, I am always open to try new things so if you have anything that you think is fab please let me know.
Hope you enjoyed
Bye for now xx

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